Lenten Calendar 2018
Lenten Calendar 2018

Saturday 17th March 2018                       Healing Mass
12.00 noon

5th Sunday of Lent
18th March 2018
9.00 am,  11.00 am & 5.00pm                          Holy Mass
Monday  7.00am                                                Morning Prayer
Wednesday 6.30am                                             Holy Mass

Friday 23rd  March 2018                       Penitential Service at our church


Palm Sunday
25th March 2018

9.00 am,  11.00 am & 5.00pm                          Holy Mass

Maundy Thursday                                       Solemn Mass of the Lord’s Supper then Adoration till
29th March 2018                                                midnight

Good Friday
30th March 2018
11.00am                                                                Children’s Good Friday Service

3.00pm                                                                 Solemn Liturgy of the celebration of the Passion of the Lord

Holy Saturday
31st March 2018
8.00pm                                                                 Easter Vigil Celebration

Easter Sunday
1st April 2018

9.00 am,  11.00 am                                              Holy Mass