Parish Social Life

The church has a very active and friendly parish community.
There is always something going on, or if not, it's being planned.


For instance there is always hospitality available after the two Sunday morning Masses. Where Coffee/Tea/Squash & Biscuits are available in the 'Dominic Barberi' room, at the back of the church. This is an excellent opportunity to meet others. If you are new to the parish, go up to those serving the drinks and say so... they will make sure you have someone to talk to and that you are made welcome.

Quite often, as well, there is a small 'Traidcraft' shop open after mass, where a selection of goods is available for purchase.

Catholic Goods & Books.

Also a small area where catholic goods, such as books and papers, are available. You will find these in the new 'Advent' Room.

O.L.O.P Table Tennis Club The Parish is blessed with a renown Table Tennis Club for more details including practice times please click here.

Other Events.

There are many events that happen throughout the year; Events founded in the spiritual life of our parish and ourselves as Christians, from celebrating those special events such as the Sacraments to musical & theatre evenings and many other social events. These are all advertised in the Parish newsletter and add to the well being of our parish community.

Parish Pantomime.

The production of a parish pantomime started back in 1999 with the production of Alice in the Woods. This was followed by Aladdin in 2000, Cinderella in 2001, Snow White & the Many Dwarves (we lost count!!!) in 2002, The Wizard of Oz in 2003, Robin Hood in 2005 and Aladdin (The Management Consultancy version) in 2006. 2007's offering was A Sort of Cinderella, which had probably the ugliest, Ugly sisters of all time!! 2008 saw Snow White -The Sequel or what happened next, 2009 was thankfully rescued by St Dominic's when the Community Centre was flooded and was 'Oh no, not another opening of another show'. Unfortunately 2010 marked the end of an era as founding members of the academy decided to stand down to allow the baton to be passed on to others, but not before a superb pantomime yet again graced our community centre hall.

This event and others like it are what can only be affectionately referred to as 'Community Theatre' and how right that is; Take a handful of dedicated organisers, mix them together with a multitude of musical talent and a hoard of hardworking Thespians. Then sprinkle with a good helping of audience participation, a good dose of wing and a prayer and the scene is set... profits have gone to a charity of the parish children's choice. It is to be hoped that there are those in the parish who will wish to carry the baton forward this Autumn and Winter

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