Baptism of Children

COVID – 19 update: Please speak to Father Stan after Sunday Mass and he will advice you of the current arrangements.

Our usual Baptism Preparation format is currently suspended due to COVID 19 restriction.

A Baptism Preparation session is offered by Fr Stan (by appointment) and by prepared catechists (courses are run once every three months at the Church). AsĀ  paperwork is required, please submit the form to the office and arrange a date for Baptism, avoiding Lent. The Baptism preparation team is a group of lay volunteers who assistĀ  Fr Stan in preparing parents who wish to have their children baptised. The team provide support to parents and assist the priest during the Baptism ceremony. There are two sessions, each session lasting about one hour, usually a week or so apart. Godparents are welcome to attend.

A Baptism application form click here.

img1220172What do you, the parents, need to do?

Adequate spiritual preparation of parents and godparents is required. Fill in a Baptism application form, available on this website or at the entrance to the church. Pass this form to the Parish Office and you will be advised the dates of the next preparation classes. If you have not already done so, please make yourself known to the Parish Priest. Then you just need to attend the two classes. Bring your child/children with you if you cannot get a babysitter. Book a date and time for the Welcoming and a date for the Baptism (which can be the same date) with the Parish Office. These ideally should take place during Mass.

Schedule of Activities for Baptism are as follows:

  • Welcome Rite on last Sunday of month at 11.00am
  • Mass: Ideally Baptism on 1st Sunday of the month in Our Lady of Peace & Blessed Dominic Barberi.

On the day of Baptism please come at least 10 minutes before the Mass.

If you would like more information, please contact the Parish Office.