First Holy Confession & Communion

Parents who wish to have their children make their First Holy Communion are invited to contact Fr Stan in person or via parish office. The child should be in Year 3 or above at school or have completed their eighth year of age by the time they celebrate First Holy Confession and Communion.

Click here for the First Holy Communion application form. (NB. parental consent is required).

The First Holy Confession and Communion programme is led by Fr Stan. He is helped by a group of catechists. Our desire is to help children to love Jesus who is waiting for us in Holy Communion.

Every family of the First Holy Communion candidates is required to make a commitment to participate in every Sunday Mass at 11:00am followed by a 15 minutes lesson provided by Fr Stan. There are also some Sunday afternoon sessions to guide the children and their parents which start at 2.30pm and finish at 4.00pm. An additional book about the Mass is also available.

Sessions to be confirmed.

First Confession To be confirmed
Confession for all candidates and their parents To be confirmed

First Holy Communion will be celebrated on To be confirmed

Solemn Dedication Mass to Immaculate Mary (Includes the giving of The Miraculous Medals)