Serving Groups


To be a Sacristan is an excellent vocation to serve the Lord while helping a priest in upkeep of brassware, altar linen and supplies like candles, wine, bread and candles and domestic duties relating to the Sacristy. A small group of Sacristans under leadership and guidance of Fr Stan look after the altar linen and vestments and arrange the correct liturgical colours depending on the time of the year or the type of celebration. They prepare for and tidy up after weekday Mass, weddings and funerals and dress the altar for the Sunday celebration of Mass.

img1220173There is one coordinator who works closely with Fr Stan to organise weekdays and Sunday services. Sunday Sacristans prepare for and tidy up after Mass, arriving 10-15 minutes before and leaving 20-30 minutes afterwards. There is a rota for 9am, 11am and 5pm masses. Volunteers are always welcome, particularly for the 11am and 5pm Masses.


Parish Schola – 9am Holy Mass

Parish schola meets on alternate Mondays for practice.


Parish Music Band – 11 am Holy Mass

The 11am music group meets on alternate Mondays at 8pm in the church. The group is blessed with a mix of an organist, instrumentalists and singers, both young and mature. People who love to praise together are asked to join the group.


Readers of the Word of God

Fr Stan invites us to take part in reading the Word of God. This is a great privilege and responsibility for those who are asked to deliver God’s Word. It is also the way of spiritual growth as it entitles reflection on the Holy Scripture. It is not only a challenge to communicate the meaning underlying the words in the book but above all the love of the Bible as the Book of Life. There is a rota system.


Prayers of the Faithful/Bidding Prayers

Fr Stan invites us to compose and read specific intentions during Holy Mass on Sunday. These are not mini-prayers but prayers of the whole parish for the Church, certain people and things. The intentions are directed to the congregation. They seek the consideration and prayer of all, for the specific intentions named. If you are interested in composing of reading intentions please let know your desire to Fr Stan and you will be included on a rota for writing/reading these prayers.


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Holy Communion is distributed at every Mass by a priest. However during Holy Mass on Sunday a priest may require the help of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. A special task of an extraordinary minister is to visit sick people. This role can only be carried out by those who are appointed by Fr Stan. To avoid liturgical abuses and also to grow in holiness, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion need to have regular formation and training is required. Distributing Holy Communion is not only a job to do in a certain way but a spiritual calling to love of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Everyone who is privileged to help the priest with distribution Holy Communion is on a rota, usually once in 5 weeks.



The role of welcomers is to assist all who come to the church. As welcomers are the first contact to many people who visit our parish, they help Fr Stan to reach everyone. Before all Sunday Holy Masses welcomers are there at the entrance to the church, give us newsletters and hymn books in a friendly and helpful manner and answer questions about the parish.


Children’s Liturgy Team

We provide Children’s Liturgy during 9.00 and 11 Sunday Mass for children of primary school age during term time. We are all parents or grandparents, all with passion for sharing the Gospel with children. We have a book created by our own leaders which we use as a guide to make the sessions as interesting and engaging as we can, so that the children can see that the Word of God is very relevant to them. We are always looking for help, either as a leader or an assistant. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the parish office. Full training will be provided!

Money Collectors


Money Counters


Hospitality after Mass

Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are available after the 9.00 am and 11.00 am Masses each Sunday. There is a rota for 9.00 am Mass.


The Repository

The Parish Repository at Our Lady of Peace & Blessed Dominic Barberi is run by a team of volunteers and is open after all Masses.

In stock are Rosaries, statues, medals, water fonts, holy pictures, Crucifixes and other religious items. There is a good selection of books, Bibles, missals, prayer books, CTS pamphlets, various occasions’ greeting cards and Mass cards.


Church Cleaning

The cleaners are responsible for ensuring that the church, Advent Room and Bl Dominic Barberi Room always look clean and tidy. Currently there are 32 members. There are 3 in a group to clean, starting on any day from Thursday to Saturday so that the church is clean for Sunday and any other celebration. The rota works very well and currently people take turns once in 9 weeks.


Flower Guild

This group has around 10 members and they work on a rota system. Most weeks it needs just two members to refresh and/or replace any fading flowers in time for the Sunday Masses. For important feast days (eg Christmas and Easter) and also for weddings and other celebrations, all available members come to arrange the quantity of flowers needed for special occasions. New members are always teamed with an experienced partner.